War Sophia eine Schlepper Helferin

Oliver Janisch hat eine interessante These vorgestellt, die weitere Postings auf vk.com scheinbar bestätigen. Sofia Lösche war keine Tramperin, sondern aktiv Marokaner über die neuste Hinterhältigkeit der Merkel,  über Spanien nach Deutschland zu schleusen.

Marokanische Häftlinge nach Deutschland exportieert.

Hier auch der diskutierte Link für Flüchtlingshelfer.



The difference betweenComminism and Social Democracy.

Ayn Rand was once asked what the difference between Communism and Social Democracy is, she said it is a matter of time. Socialism with dictatorship destroys a society immediately, Social Democracy takes a little longer. Comparing the fall of the DDR in 1989 to Germany today, one can only wonder how she knew.

The DDR as most long time Diktatorships, were more skilled in the art of poltical theatre, and so it was that the demonstrations for the greater glory of the party looked more impressive, but actually there is no difference to the situation today, a minority dances to the tune of the government, while the majority feel they have been left in the cold.

Then, beneficiaries of the party, demonstrated in impressive torchlight progressions, while today anti german Antifa, collet 45 Euros an hour to publicly express theit hate of all things german.

Fotos of the majority demonstrating against the government gets suppressed by the swines at google, as well as the despicable „Censor of the Universe“, Mark Zuckerberg. This time there is no foreign press to smuggle the videos of the uprising to TV stations in the west, this time arseholes in the western media support the oppressive regime of George Soros`whore, Merkel.


Anetta Kahane, a Stasi(secret police) battle ax has been brought back out of retirement, to help Mark Zuckerberg censor Facebook and intimidate users with illegal action, so that nobody should dare to criticise Merkel and her 600 plus criminals that are permanently destroying Germany against the will of more than 80% of its citizens.

We have the fall of the DDR all over, it took 25 years longer to destroy the united Germany, but the situation is identical, just as Ayn Rand had predicted.